Jonze — Streamlining Management for School Organizations

By Pelumi Adegoke

April 5, 2024

OG Image Jonze

For the past 2 months, I've been working on something, Jonze — a practical tool designed to assist in the management of school organizations. Developed from firsthand experience as the Technical Director of the African Student Union at UTD, Jonze addresses common administrative challenges, making organization management more straightforward and efficient.

Background of Jonze

The idea for Jonze emerged from the everyday administrative tasks involved in running a student organization. Traditional methods like collecting information through Google Forms and manually updating spreadsheets were time-consuming and prone to error. Thus, I worked on a custom solution for the African Student Union. However, I quickly realized for officers to gain value, an admin dashboard was needed. This made me see how many more orgs could benefit from such a tool. Jonze offers a solution that simplifies these processes, allowing organizational leaders to focus on their core activities.

Jonze Dashboard

Attendance Tracking

Track event attendance easily with Jonze, ensuring that member's participation is recorded. No need for your members to put in their details every time they fill your form.

Attendance Tracking

Surveys & Feedback

Collect and analyze member feedback with Jonze's survey tools to inform decisions and improve the organization's offerings. Of course you can do this with Google Forms but why ask your members for their email every time you need to survey something? This also brings up the issue of cross referencing the survey response to a member. Is this response from an active member or someone who came to only one meeting?

Surveys and Feedback

(HINT: If you add ?callbackUrl=<YOUR_WEBSITE> to the link, it redirects to your website on form completion) Like this

Membership Status Management

Manage the status of members, from freshman to alumni, keeping your organization's data organized and accessible. Different orgs have different membership tiering structures. Maybe you have a $2/mo tier or you have $25 dues paid upfront. You as an org admin (e.g. the treasurer) can go update users' payment plans. This opens up the possibility of member only events, newsletters and discounts on upcoming integrations to services like (Kazala and Eventbrite)

Membership Status

Jonze API for Website Integration

Jonze also offers an API, allowing for the integration of its features into your organization's website. This can help in embedding membership forms, showcasing events, and displaying achievements directly on your site.

API Capabilities:

  • Event Display: List upcoming events and track attendance through your organization's site.

  • Form Response Embeds: Use form responses API endpoints to add domain specific info to your website

The Jonze API is user-friendly, equipped with documentation to assist in your integration efforts. You could also just send a DM if you have some special use-case.

API Integration

Looking Ahead

I'm working on adding more features to Jonze, including member newsletters, a well managed membership dues & donation system, custom org colors. Maybe Wix and SquareSpace integrations 😉. Managed Memberships

Join the Community

As an open-source project, Jonze welcomes contributions. Connect on Discord for updates and community discussions.

Getting Started

Enhance your organization's management with Jonze. Visit our Home page to begin, and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or feedback.

Jonze aims to make the management of school organizations simpler and more organized, supporting the activities and growth of your community.`